Advantages of dome head blind rivet stainless steel and their fastening principle
Nov 22, 2018

The dome head blind rivet stainless steel is a commonly used fastener, which is composed of a nail head, a nail rod, a collar, etc., and the nail rod includes a main rod provided with a main ring groove which is engaged with the deformation of the collar, and the full length is open loop. The pull rod of the groove and the separation groove between the two. The dome head blind rivet stainless steel not only maintains the advantages of low labor intensity, low noise, no pollution, fast, etc., but also easily deformed. It can maintain high strength and firm connection, anti-loose, anti-corrosion and long service life.Make sure that the collar is not crushed during installation and does not increase the design difficulty of the riveting device.

The dome head blind rivet stainless steel is based on the principle of Hooke's law. Under the action of one-way tension, the bolt is pulled and the collar is pushed by the special equipment of the nail, and the smooth inner ring is squeezed into the screw groove. The tight combination of the collar and the bolt creates a permanent fastening force. Therefore, each of the oblate round stainless steel open rivet fasteners has the same fastening force and never looseness after assembly.

Due to the high fastening force and high shear resistance of the flat round head stainless steel open rivet fasteners, it is often used instead of welding.

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