Basic specifications and main uses of flat head full hexagonal body rivet nut
Jan 08, 2019

Flat head full hexagonal body rivet nuts are mainly used in bolted joints with non-structural forces, such as railcars, road passenger cars, ship moorings and other interior parts.

The improved rivet nut that prevents spin is superior to the pallet nut of the aircraft. The advantage is that the weight is lighter, the pallet nut is not fixed by the rivet in advance, and the operation space on the back of the substrate can be used.

Flat head full hexagon rivet nut use and specifications

The flat head full hexagonal body rivet nut is convenient to be tightened or loosened with a long-handle wrench. The wrench is an external hex, just in line with the bolt. This hex nut bolt can be used in a compact mechanism and is generally not used as a wrench the occasion.

Basic specifications for flat head full hexagon rivet nuts

1. Hexagon nut for hot dip galvanized bolts for pre-plated dimensions

2. Not a preferred specification for technical reasons 

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