Corrosion Prevention of Fasteners
Jan 17, 2019

There are four methods:

1. Electroplating

The standard parts are electroplated. This method is to put the standard parts into a metal solution, and then cover the surface of the standard parts with a layer of metal through current. There are many functions for this layer of metal. For example, we can select some different plating metals according to different functions. If we want to prevent the standard parts from rusting, then we can electroplate zinc on the surface of the standard parts.

2, mechanical plating

Mechanical plating of standard parts means that metal particles are cold welded to the standard parts to ensure some functions of the surface layer of the standard parts. Mechanical plating and electroplating are basically similar, but we use different methods, and the results are the same.

3. Heat Treatment

For heat treatment of surface layer of standard parts, there are some standard parts, such as drilling tail screws, which need a relatively hard surface layer, so heat treatment can be carried out on drilling tail screws to ensure that the drilling tail screws have sufficient hardness. This is the reason for heat treatment.

4. Surface passivation

For surface passivation of standard parts, passivation has two main functions: one is to strengthen the hardness of standard parts, and the other is to greatly reduce the oxidation of standard parts. In the process of surface treatment of fasteners, we can choose the most suitable method according to the specific requirements. In this way, the fastener can play a better role in the use process.

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