Demand of automobile fastener
Jan 07, 2019

The demand for automobile fasteners accounts for about 23 % of the total sales volume of the entire fastener industry, with the industry accounting for the highest proportion. In the automotive industry market, automotive fasteners can be applied to almost every subsystem. For example, the average number of fasteners per vehicle on a light vehicle or car is about 500 / 50kg / 4000. On average, a medium-sized truck or a heavy-duty truck needs to use various fasteners 88 kg / 7100, of which high-strength fasteners account for about 1 / 3. The cost of fasteners on a car accounts for about 2.5 % of the cost of the whole car. Accounting for 40 % of the total number of basic components of the whole vehicle; The workload of fastening connections on the assembly line is about 70 %.

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