Function and advantages of aluminium iron pull rivet
Dec 05, 2018

Aluminium iron rivet rivets are widely used in various white wine, red wine, high-grade liquor, food, gifts and other packaging materials, can be used as anti-counterfeiting packaging for products, and can play a decorative and firm role. It effectively guarantees product quality.  Of course, aluminum-iron rivets can also be used for riveting breakable, brittle and soft structural materials such as glass, rubber, plastic, corrugated paper, wood and thin metal structural parts.

After riveting, the aluminum iron rivet nail core pulls the end of the rivet body into a four-petal-like rivet head, thereby clamping the two riveted structural members without crushing the surface of the structural member. In order to have better use effect, the surface of the aluminum-iron rivet rivet is required to have no cracks, rust, defects and other defects affecting the use; at the same time, the surface of the nail core is galvanized and passivated.

Compared with other types of rivets, aluminum iron rivets have a fast setting speed and are widely used in the industry. Since the aluminum iron pull rivet is mainly used in the mosaic mode, and grasping such basic characteristics, in the application process, it can improve work efficiency and achieve a diversified application advantage.

Another point is that the operation is simple, the work efficiency is high per unit time. Therefore,  in this perspective, master the basic methods of operation can do a lot of work in a short period of time.It is  widely used in construction and decoration engineering. 

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