How to use cheap blind rivet
Dec 29, 2018

When pulling rivet riveting, firstly drill rivet hole, put the pulling rivet assembly into the rivet hole already made, then clamp the tail rod with the pulling gun, clamp the lock ring on the top of the gun, and press the pulling rivet button to start pulling rivet, the component is clamped by the lock ring and rivet body, the shear ring at the lower end of the solid rivet rod forces the lower part of the hollow rivet body to expand outward to form a pier head, then continue pulling rivet, the rivet rod and rivet body are mutually squeezed, the rivet body fills the rivet hole, and the process of shrinking the diameter of the rivet rod is called drawing process. when the rivet rod is pulled in place, the pulling rivet gun automatically presses into the lock ring and solid rivet body.

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