How to use the pull rivet gun
Oct 31, 2018

The riveting method of pull riveter with rivet gun is usually riveted by inserting the rivet from one side of the plate, and must be riveted with the top iron cushion top, pull riveter and rivet gun riveting method, but use pull Riveter | Riveter riveting, only a single side operation can be completed. Pull Riveter riveting is commonly used in the riveting of the bottom part of the hand or the top iron that cannot be reached. Pull riveting principle pull rivet for a hollow rivet, the center is fitted with a nail stem, the end of the nail stem is a round neck, and the center has a scale, the operation of the first drilling rivet hole, insert pull-off rivet, using manual or pneumatic pull Riveter | Rivet Gun's clamp head to live pull rivet stem, and apply pulling force will rivet stalk bite,

Will force the material softer pull rivet head outward expansion into a flange shape, so that the material tightly bonded, and then once again pull the tension until the stem is pulled off, you can riveting the plate.

How to use the pull rivet gun _ pull Riveter how to use The advantages of pull riveting are single direction operation, no noise, no workpiece will be broken; work is brisk, convenient, and hygienic; labor-saving, time-saving, easy, and accurate; tensile rivet specifications and types 1, pull rivet According to different materials can be divided into aluminum alloy rivet and stainless steel pull rivet Two; 2, according to the shape of the rivet head, Pull rivet can be divided into round head rivet and dish head type pull rivet two kinds; The selection of the rivet is very important to select the appropriate rivet before using the puller to fit the workpiece.

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