Industry 4.0 brings opportunities to our manufacturing industry
Oct 31, 2018

Industry 4.0 to China's manufacturing opportunities, "Industry 4.0" not only in Germany, in China has become a subject of concern.

Intelligent manufacturing, which is based on the internet of things, cloud computing and other technologies and realizes mass production and customization, is considered to be the main direction of future industrial production development. Insiders believe that keeping up with this trend and realizing the smart upgrade is the only way for China to make a change from big to strong.

In this process, China has a relatively good industrial base and market advantages, but also the need for constant innovation to deal with this trend. Industry analysts, China's manufacturing in the industrial development, market volume and other aspects of a good foundation, to help achieve intelligent upgrade. At present, China's manufacturing industry has completed a wide range of independent and complete industrial system. Coupled with policy support and relaxed environment, China's manufacturing industry will usher in a better development opportunities.

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