Performance advantages and market demand of the aluminium iron closed rivets
Dec 03, 2018

Aluminium iron closed rivet is a new type of blind rivet fastener, which can be widely used in various fastening fields such as vehicles, ships, machinery manufacturing, electronics industry, instrumentation, food machinery, medical equipment, construction, decoration engineering. It has the advantage of easy operation, low noise, good sealing of connectors and so on.

There are many large structures that need to be connected together, such as buildings, ships, airplanes.Traditional methods will usually be impossible, which requires us to use riveting, which can quickly solve the traditional problems.

Although the welding has replaced the riveted steel structure and mass production has been achieved, by inserting the aluminum-iron closing rivet into the structure, the two parts can be fastened together well.However, there are still some steels that cannot be welded, because the performance of the welded joints will be compromised, so there are still many places where riveting will be required, most of which are closed with aluminum iron.


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