Precautions for full steel multigrip blind rivet
Jan 17, 2019

1. Check the finished product of the blind rivet effectively: the diameter of the rivet body, the length of the rivet rod, the thickness of the rivet cap and the diameter of the cap, the total length of the nail core, the exposed size of the nail core, the size of the nail cap, and the outer surface after assembly. Paths can be considered.

In the actual inspection, the weak parts of the product can be measured, such as: tensile strength, shear resistance, and nail core anti-drop force.

2. The key is to pay attention to the rivet, the riveting foot is insufficient, there is no riveting to the position, or because the mandrel cap is too big, so that the riveting tube mouth can not be pulled down, and there is a jumping head, that is, the nail core breaking force is too low or Is the size of the fracture too thin, etc.

3. Rivet material: aluminum, iron, stainless steel, alloy, etc.

4. The total thickness of the workpiece is generally 45% - 65% of the length of the rivet, preferably not more than 60%.

In addition, the working length is too short, and it is recommended that the normal situation is 50%--60%. The length of the rivet is too long, the rivet head is too large, the shank is easy to bend, the rivet length is too short, the pier is not thick enough, the nail head is incompletely formed, and the strength and compactness are affected. The length of the rivet is too long or too short, and only the proper length can achieve the best riveting effect.

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