Rivet testing method
Jan 02, 2019
Test methods for shear and tensile loads
1. Install the riveted specimen on a testing machine conforming to GB/T 3722 or GB/T 16491 or JB/T9375;
2. The clamp shall be able to automatically center on the tensile test machine and shall ensure that the load is applied linearly along the shear plane of the shear test piece or the center line of the tensile test piece.
3. The load should be continuously applied and the test speed should not be less than 7mm/min and not more than 13mm/min until the specimen is damaged.
4. The maximum load value shall be recorded as the maximum shear or tensile load of the rivet.
5. If the rivet specimen is damaged before the specified minimum shear or tensile load, the rivet cannot pass this experiment

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