Selection and specification of the flat head cylindrical rivet nut
Dec 26, 2018

The flat head cylindrical rivet nut also has the ability to suspend the nut when it is installed. It can evenly distribute the bearing capacity to each nut during use, which can effectively improve the bearing capacity and fatigue resistance of the rivet nut.

When the the flat head cylindrical rivet nut is riveted, it must be ensured that the rivet nut on the rivet gun is perpendicular to the riveted object. In order to prevent the rivet nut from being damaged during compression and deformation during the riveting process, the screw on the rivet gun should be adjusted to 23 thread before riveting, and then the rivet nut is riveted so that it will not be caused by the rivet head process. The riveting failed.

The specifications of the the flat head cylindrical rivet nut are actually divided into many. For example, the standard of the rivet nut column used in different types or sizes of cabinets is different. Some of the rivet nut columns are made of carbon steel and are round in shape. They have a thread size between M2 and M10. The outer diameter of this rivet nut column is mostly 6.3 mm. Between 17.35 mm. The size and thickness of the rivet nut column are based on the material of the object to be installed.

Selection requirements for the flat head cylindrical rivet nut

1. When we use the nut, we must also determine the size according to the thickness of the material you are using.

2. The iron cutting treatment should be carried out when using, and the stainless steel should maintain the original color of the material. The user should select the appropriate product according to the specifications;

3. When installing the rivet nut, we must implement it by “pressing and riveting” operation, not violence;

4. If the material we use is stainless steel, be sure to use the product with the ending number "S";

5. If one side of the nut column is a straight-toothed product, be sure to use the tail number "C". 


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