Technical Guide for Application of Rivet Nuts
Jan 02, 2019
1. The carbon steel riveted nuts are made of free-cutting iron and treated after heat treatment. The stainless steel riveted nuts are made of easy-to-use free-cutting stainless steel without surface treatment.
2. The hardness of low carbon steel plate must be within standard.
3. It is suitable for plates of various thicknesses, with a minimum thickness of 0.8 mm. The tail number Z corresponding to size A can only be determined according to the plate thickness and nut specifications when in use. The user selects samples and orders according to the plate thickness according to the tail number in the table.
4. According to the aperture size, it should be precisely controlled and processed according to the tolerance size of 0 - 0.075 mm, preferably punching holes, and nuts should generally be installed from the " broken" surface of the plate.

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