The function of Peel blind rivet
Dec 27, 2018

Peel blind rivet are widely used in packaging materials of various kinds of liquor, red wine, high-grade liquor, food, gifts and other products, as well as key components for anti-counterfeiting and fidelity of brands and famous brand products. At present, hundreds of liquor factories in the country have used rivets for anti-counterfeiting packaging of liquor products, so they are also called special blind rivets for liquor boxes.

The main functions of the rivets are as follows: they can be used as anti-counterfeiting firmware to effectively guarantee the quality of the products, as anti-counterfeiting marks, and play a decorative and firm role.

Since the rivet was put on the market, it has been widely welcomed by users from all walks of life, especially major wineries and gift companies. Welcome new and old friends from wineries, gift factories, food factories, gift companies, wine companies and food companies to come and visit us. Our company can produce rivets of various specifications and sizes, and you can choose them according to your own needs. Our company will become your most assured partner with the most satisfactory product quality and intimate service.

It is specially used for wine bottle packing boxes, gift boxes, etc. and can also be used for riveting structural members made of easily broken, fragile and soft structural materials, such as glass, rubber, plastic, corrugated paper, wood and thin metal structural members, etc.

After riveting, the rivet core pulls the end of the rivet body into a four-valve petal-shaped rivet head, thereby clamping the two riveted structural members without crushing the surface of the structural members.


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