The future of blind rivet
Dec 26, 2018

No matter what industry, as long as any product appears in the market economy, it must go through the testing of the market economy. It can also be said that it must go through the selection and elimination of the " survival of the fittest" in the market economy. Rivet pulling is the most common product in this market economy. It will also be tested by various kinds of tests and will be eliminated by the market if it is carelessly done.

Now there are a lot of rivet type such as cheap DIN7337 Head Blind Rivet,Full Steel Seal End Blind Rivet.Customized Standard Blind Rivet....Rivets are widely used and most of them are suitable for riveting many high-tech equipment, such as airplanes and computers. However, as far as domestic rivet pulling technology is concerned, the rivet pulling needed by China's aerospace industry is not completely self-sufficient and needs to be imported from abroad. However, just a few years ago, China spent a lot of manpower and financial resources to make technological breakthroughs in rivets. After a long period of specialized research, the amount of rivet imports needed by the space industry has been reduced a lot.

It can be said that the research and development of rivet production is very necessary. No matter what industry, it must stand out if it wants to win a place in the market. Like rivets, the direction of product research and development is determined by industry segmentation, application characteristics of products, market capacity, and consumer consumption patterns. To do a good job in scientific and technological innovation, and always remember that " survival of the fittest" is an environment that must befaced.

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