Welding method and cleaning requirements for full aluminum dome head blind rivet
Jan 10, 2019

The full aluminum dome head blind rivet is effectively used in its riveting to make use of its own deformation or interference to join the parts of the riveted part.

A metal rod-shaped rod having a cap at one end, after being inserted into the joined member, the other end is pressed and pressed at the outer end of the rod to press and fix the member.

When the full aluminum dome head blind rivet is operated, the welding method is mainly to select full argon arc welding. The welding power source of the whole equipment is selected as the inverter welding machine, and the DC positive connection is used. The welding current is 40~50A, and as far as possible, the welding is guaranteed. Use a smaller current.

The wiring of the welding workpiece should be on the impeller of this class, the connection should be good, and the wiring is not allowed to be fired.

Full aluminum dome head blind rivet require acetone to clean the rivet head before welding.

The preheating of the whole product is a method of heating by flame. The preheating temperature is 250-300 ° C. The preheating uses a small fire welding to slowly heat the head of the blade rivet with low flame, and uses far infrared thermometer to measure temperature.


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