wire rod
Jan 08, 2019

Wire rod is one of the steel varieties with a large amount of consumption. Generally, wire rod production accounts for 8 - 10 % of the total steel production, while China accounts for more than 20 %. Wires are widely used in various sectors of the national economy. Besides being directly used as construction, deep processing products are more widely used.

Ordinary wire is mainly used in construction, wire drawing, packaging, welding rod and manufacturing bolts, nuts, rivets, etc.

High - quality wire can be used after reprocessing, such as drawing into various specifications of wire, twisting into wire rope, weaving into wire mesh, winding into shape and heat treatment into springs. After hot and cold forging into rivets and cold forging and rolling into bolts and screws, etc.; After cutting into heat treatment, it can be made into mechanical parts or tools, etc.

WUXI YUKE is professional manufacturer of blind rivet for many years.

We supply special blind rivet ,special csk blind rivet nut etc.

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