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Describe The Variety Of Blind Rivets Used
Oct 31, 2018

Blind rivets are commonly used in apparel, footwear and other industries, the solid needs to be riveted again, for heavy workpiece coupling, often non-detachable structure, half-empty heart rivet widely used, vinyl drawstring (small wire diameter tail) nails using hard wire manufacturing, It is possible to penetrate the steel plate within 0.5mm thickness without the need for pre-hole rivet can not bend deformation, widely used in the cipher box, suitcase and military luggage above, hollow nails (semi-hollow rivet) is used in the manufacture of flexible cords, general requirements can not be cracked after riveting, there are many types, now on some toys on the shaft has begun to use a large area of semi-hollow nails or sub-female nails replacement, can greatly reduce Production costs. Core and core rivets are mostly used for the riveting of thin soft materials, the general requirements are not strict, manufacturing materials are usually produced with better plastic material.

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