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How To Distinguish Rivet Quality
Dec 26, 2018

1. Whether the outer packing of the product is clear or not. Under normal circumstances, regular blind rivet manufacturers have their own special design team to design the outer packing and arrange the manufacturers with hard production conditions to make it,because the outer packing of some products is very clear.

2. Distinguish the imported wire materials from the wire, which has strong anti-rust ability and avoids quality problems during processing. The common wire scrap aluminum, iron and stainless steel wires have poor anti-rust ability and are often used for quality problems.

3. lt can also be distinguished from electroplating that high quality blind rivets are electroplated for more than 24 hours, up to 96 hours,ordinary blind rivets are electroplated for 8 hours or only for 2- 3 hours of salt spray.

4. Good quality blind rivets are precise in size, precise in manufacture, safe and controllable, suitable for assembly, common blind rivets are made of waste aluminum, iron wire materials, poor in rust resistance , and often have quality problems in use.

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