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Large Head Blind Rivet
Jan 15, 2019

The large cap rivet is a new type of metal connecting fastener. Compared with common blind rivets, the diameter of the aluminum cap of the large cap rivet is significantly larger. When the large cap rivet is riveted with the connecting piece, the large cap rivet has a larger contact area, thus enhancing the torque strength and withstanding higher radial pulling force. Our company produces and supplies large cap rivets of various specifications and materials all the year round, including stainless steel large cap rivets, all-aluminum large cap rivets, stainless steel / steel large cap rivets, steel / steel large cap rivets and other different material combinations. We can make colored large cap rivets with various specifications and material combinations by baking varnish, and we can also make large cap rivets with special requirements for customers with special requirements according to drawings.


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