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Rivet Is Generally Divided Into Which Kinds Of Materials
Oct 31, 2018

Rivets are widely used in: automobiles, electronics, electrical appliances, electrical switches, aluminum ladders, furniture, jewelry, luggage, baby stroller, bicycles, motors, outdoor supplies and so on. Rivets in accordance with the material are generally: stainless steel rivets, pure aluminum rivets, aluminum rivets, copper rivets, iron rivets.

Surface Treatment: Blue Zinc, white zinc, black zinc, color zinc, yellow zinc, white nickel, black nickel, chromium, aluminum oxide, aluminum anode, copper nickel, copper pickling, stainless steel passivation treatment, etc. There are several kinds of rivet materials, such as copper rivets, iron rivets, aluminum rivets, stainless steel rivets and so on. Many grades are subdivided in each material. For example: copper material, medium, have t1,t2,t3 grade. There are 1006,1008a,q235,1t and other grades in iron.

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