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Types And Uses Of Rivets
Oct 31, 2018

Commonly used are R-type rivets, fan rivets, core rivets (core rivets), tree rivets, semi-circular head, flat, semi-hollow rivets, solid rivets, countersunk head rivets, core rivets, hollow rivets, which are usually used to connect the riveted parts with their own deformation. Generally less than 8 mm with cold riveting, larger than the size of the use of thermal riveting.

However, there are exceptions, such as the nameplate on certain locks, which are riveted by the interference of the rivet and the lock body hole. R-Type plastic rivet is also called expansion rivet, consisting of two parts: Plastic sub-nail and female buckle. It is installed without the use of installation tools, the mounting base is placed in a smooth hole, and then press the head, the special design of the foot after the force expansion and open, firmly locked in the installed surface.

It is often used to connect plastic shells, lightweight panels, insulating materials, circuit boards, or any other light, lightweight materials, beautiful and practical, easy to use. The fan rivet is specially designed for manual installation, with a hole through the panel or base frame through the pull-in, and the elastomer material is manufactured with good toughness and can be installed quickly even in an interference assembly.

The design has the elasticity function with the corresponding aperture to pull into not easy to slide out, the fan rivet mainly applies in the electronic computer chassis fan, the heat sink and the chip to fix the use, has the anti-vibration, reduces the noise. The rivet is a new type of riveting fastener that is very convenient to rivet, which can show its own advantages in a small space or without a riveting gun or in an environment where the riveting gun cannot be used. The use of a hammer and other utensils on one side of the nail core can be two or several connected parts riveting success. Core rivet According to the shape of the protectors brim can be divided into oblate head core rivet and Countersunk head rivet, according to the different material combination, can be divided into all aluminum core rivet, aluminum steel core rivet, all stainless steel core rivet, steel core rivet, aluminum stainless steel core rivet, plastic core rivet and so on. Core rivets do not have to be like a core rivet must use a manual riveting gun or pneumatic riveting gun to riveting, there is better riveting and convenience, can be widely used in a variety of connected parts riveting.

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