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Usage Of Multigrip Blind Rivet
Jan 08, 2019

The riveting process of multigrip  blind rivets;

1. According to the rivet hole precision, the rivet hole is made by drilling and expanding method, and the composite drill with drilling and expanding as a whole can be preferred.

2. Choose rivet gun heads with different shapes according to the product structure;

3. Riveting process:

The rivet is inserted into the head of the rivet gun, the end face of the head fits with the washer on the top sleeve, the claw in the head clamps the rivet, and the rivet is placed into the hole so that the rivet gun is perpendicular to the surface of the knot member and is pressed tightly to eliminate the gap between the structural members. Pull the core rod into the nail sleeve, pull the trigger, pull the head tightly against the washer, and pull the core rod upward.

The rivet gun continues to pull the core rod, the tail end of the nail sleeve is unstable, the head is bulged during the stroke, and then the locking ring is squeezed into the cavity between the core rod and the nail sleeve to lock the core rod; The rivet gun continues to pull until the core rod is pulled apart, and the broken residual tail rod automatically pops out of the rivet gun and leaves the exposed pair.

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