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  • How to judge the riveting effect of blind rivet
    Post time: 01-14-2021

    1. Cross section observation is the most intuitive, convenient and effective method.The so-called cross section observation method, is in the riveting point along the meridian plane section, polishing and polishing, observation, measurement and analysis of its section shape. 2. The direct test me...Read more »

  • How to solve all stainless steel blind rivet with burr
    Post time: 01-14-2021

    Burr – in all stainless steel blind rivet professional struggle must be familiar with it, in the process of metal products, it is everywhere, no matter how fine you choose equipment, it will be born with the product. Here are 10 common ways to deburr: 1, manual deburring 2, die deburring 3,...Read more »

  • Why all stainless steel blind rivet resistant to high temperature?
    Post time: 01-14-2021

      High temperature resistance of all stainless steel blind rivets.Because the hardness of stainless steel itself is relatively strong, the rivet after production has a strong ability to prevent oxidation, and under high temperature can work normally, will not be too much disturbed by high te...Read more »

  • What material is the pull rivet made of?
    Post time: 01-14-2021

      1. The aluminum metal link can only be used for the aluminum pull rivet link, and the copper rivet can only be used for copper kettles and iron tools. 2. The main material for pulling rivets is flexible molten steel, which can be applied to boiler engineering, cabinet engineering and steel...Read more »

  • YUKE tell you where different rivets are used
    Post time: 01-11-2021

    Commonly used rivets: there are round head, flat head, semi-hollow rivets, solid rivets, countersunk head rivets, blind rivets, hollow rivets; Countersunk head rivet is mainly used for riveting with smooth surface and small load. Blind rivet is a kind of single-sided rivet, but the use of special...Read more »

  • Why are steel rivets generally made of low carbon steel?
    Post time: 01-11-2021

    Rivets need to have a certain toughness and plasticity, and low carbon steel strength and hardness is low, but high plasticity and toughness, pressure processing and excellent welding performance.Low carbon steel (low carbon steel) is carbon steel with carbon content less than 0.25%.The annealed ...Read more »

  • Application of rivet nut
    Post time: 12-10-2020

    1. Application of rivet nut Also known as blind rivet nuts, pull caps, are used in the fastening fields of various metal sheets, pipes and other manufacturing industries. They are widely used in automobiles, aviation, railways, refrigeration, elevators, switches, instruments, furniture, decoratio...Read more »

  • Describe The Variety Of Blind Rivets Used
    Post time: 11-26-2020

    Blind rivets are commonly used in apparel, footwear and other industries, the solid needs to be riveted again, for heavy workpiece coupling, often non-detachable structure, half-empty heart rivet widely used, vinyl drawstring (small wire diameter tail) nails using hard w...Read more »

  • Failure Mode Of Hollow Rivet And Explanation Of Failure Reason
    Post time: 11-26-2020

    Hollow Rivet Failure Form and explanation of failure reasons. Failure form: Fracture macro, microscopic investigation results indicate that the hollow rivet cracking characteristics of the same, the fatigue area is larger, the area of the instantaneous fault area is smal...Read more »