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  • Aluminum Dome Head Blind Rivet

    The aluminum dome blind rivet is a sturdy, new type of fastener for a wide range of applications. Made of high-quality aluminum alloy, it never rusts, has good corrosion resistance, It is sturdy, lightweight, and durable.
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  • Aluminum Seal End Blind Rivet

    High quality waterproof factory Seal end blind rivets. They are a low-cost, durable option you can use in place of spot welds, screws, or bolts,won't rust or corrode,much stronger than aluminum rivets.
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  • Structural Blind Rivet Hemlock

    Structural Blind Rivet Hemlock introduction Structural Blind Rivet High tensile and shear strength. High tightness. The joints are completely watertight. Single-side access. Firm and high-quality joint, vibration-resistant due to its internal mandrel locking. Technical...
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  • Full Steel Dome Head Blind Rivet

    Rivets are permanent, non-threaded fasteners that fasten objects together. They consist of a head and a shank, which is deformed by a tool to hold the rivet in place. Blind rivets also have a mandrel, which helps insert the rivet and breaks off after insertion.
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  • Full Steel High-strength Blind Rivet Monobolt

    Monobolt high-strength blind rivets are high-strength structural blind rivets with locking rods and positive hole filling for heavy duty applications.Monobolt blind rivets are designed and developed for demanding applications where safety and performance are critical to...
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  • Open End Flat Head Knurled Body Blind Rivet Nut

    This Nutsert provide increased strength in punched and drilled holes.Knurled body provides a higher resistance to spin out when installed in soft materials.
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  • CSK Head Rivet Nut

    There are many types of rivet nuts, and it is often simple to have flat heads, countersunk heads, flat head hex, blind hole rivet nuts. The countersunk rivet nut is divided into two types: a smooth surface and a vertical pattern, which are riveted into a chamfered thin plate,...
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  • Single Hand Riveter Gun

    Rugged alloy Construction
    Durable Finish
    Non-Slip Cushioned Handle Grips
    Easy Storage Handle lock
    Ergonomic grip for easy operation.
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  • Aluminum Tri-Fold Pop Rivets

    The rivets have function of waterproof and rubber washer are added during use to prevent water from invading from under the rivet cap, which plays a very good waterproof role.
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  • Multi Grip Blind Open End Dome POP Rivets

    The multi grip rivet is suitable for riveting thin structural parts and is mainly used in industries such as vehicles, ships, buildings, machinery, electronics and etc.
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  • Aluminum Blind Rivet Wide-grip

    Wuxi yuke Is professional manufacturer of blind rivet ,cheap blind rivet,standard blind rivet.
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  • Aluminum POP Rivet Core Pulling

    WUXI YUKE is a professional manufacturer of blind rivets and fasteners with over a decade of experience.
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